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Everyone is well-versed with the working of Debt industry in India. It has had an adverse effect on everyone’s businesses and lifestyle.

In India, Debt collection industry is old-fashioned, intrusive and detours transparency. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not help people resolve their accounts.

Our Philosophy

With our years of experience and achievements in this service sector, we have developed a well-versed solution that is valuable yet effective for our customers and clients. We have an ethical approach to debt collection. 

100 Call Centre Collection Agents

In-house Advocates

Single Point of Contact

No Collection, No Fee

Our Mission

Taurus Collection serves with a mission to resolve debt with dignity. With a team of experienced and compassionate staff offering a 24/7 customer portal, businesses who are facing doubts about resolving their debts can now begin the journey to resolution.

Field Collection Agents that Visit your Debtors

Skip Tracing Service

Highest Success Rates

Collection Throughout Pan India