Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Taurus Collection Services

At Taurus Collection, we operate on a “No Collect, No Fee” basis, emphasizing our commitment to successful outcomes for our clients. This policy outlines the fees, charges, and conditions under which refunds may be considered.

1. Fee Structure

1.1 No Collect, No Fee Policy: Our primary fee structure is contingent upon the successful collection of debts. If no money is recovered on behalf of the client, no collection fee will be charged.

1.2 Minimum Fees: A minimum fee of ₹2,500 applies in cases where the fees earned would be less than this amount, ensuring a baseline compensation for our services rendered.

1.3 Skip Tracing Fees: Skip tracing services are charged at ₹5,000 per instance. These fees are payable in advance and are not covered under the “No Collect, No Fee” policy.

1.4 Fees on Monies Recovered: Fees for monies recovered are charged at an agreed rate between Taurus and the client. In the absence of an agreement, a standard rate of 25% plus applicable taxes will apply.

1.5 Ancillary Charges: Charges for legal and skip tracing services are considered ancillary charges and are payable by the client.

2. Deductions and Payments

2.1 Taurus may deduct any fees or ancillary charges from monies held in connection with the payment of a debt, including debts recovered on behalf of associated companies of the client.

3. Legal Action and Court Fees

3.1 Taurus may recommend experienced lawyers/advocates for legal actions. While clients may choose their own legal representation, Taurus’s costs, fees, and ancillary charges remain payable.

3.2 Taurus will act as an agent for liaising with lawyers/advocates, managing communications, and facilitating the legal process. Court fees and additional charges for these services are payable by the client and may be recoverable as legal costs depending on the terms of business with the client’s customers.

4. Refund Eligibility

4.1 Skip Tracing Fees: Refunds for skip tracing fees are not available once the skip tracing service has commenced.

4.2 Collection Fees: In line with our “No Collect, No Fee” policy, collection fees are only applicable upon successful debt recovery. No refunds are necessary as no fees are charged in the absence of successful collection.

4.3 Ancillary and Legal Charges: Fees for legal actions, court fees, and other ancillary charges are not refundable, as they are incurred for services rendered and expenses paid on behalf of the client.

5. Termination of Agreement

5.1 In the event of agreement termination by either party, all fees and ancillary charges incurred up to the point of termination become immediately payable.

6. Contact and Dispute Resolution

6.1 For questions, concerns, or disputes related to fees, charges, or the refund policy, clients are encouraged to contact Taurus directly at info@tauruscollection.com.


This policy is designed to provide clarity and transparency to our clients regarding our fee structure and the conditions under which services are provided. We are committed to fair and transparent billing practices, ensuring our clients are fully informed throughout our partnership.

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