Debt Collection

What We Offer

No Collection, No Fee:

We believe in results, and that’s why we only charge you when we succeed in collecting your unpaid invoices.

Experienced Advocates:

Our in-house experts are committed to resolving your uncollected payments with the utmost care and expertise.

Call Center Collection Agents:

Our team of 100 call center agents is always at your service, working diligently to recover your outstanding invoices.

Skip Tracing Services:

We leave no stone unturned in tracking down debtors, ensuring we maximize your chances of successful collections.

Many businesses often grapple with the complexities of debt collection. Despite delivering goods or services, there are instances when customers have outstanding debts. Managing debtors can be a source of immense stress for clients, not to mention the significant time it can consume in the pursuit of debt recovery. Taurus Collections steps in to alleviate this burden, allowing business owners to redirect their focus towards their core competencies, such as fostering business growth.

We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to professionalism and our adept handling of debt collection cases. Whenever possible, we proactively seek resolution through negotiation. However, if the need arises to pursue legal action, our in-house Advocates are at your service. They are proficient in issuing legal notices and initiating court proceedings to recover your hard-earned funds.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve observed that when your clients are contacted by our Advocates, they tend to feel a heightened pressure to settle their outstanding dues. This, in turn, significantly bolsters the chances of successful debt recovery. Taurus Collection offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch with our dedicated team to explore the advantages of partnering with Taurus Collections.

What we assist our clients to collect on

  • Invoice raised for the goods/services provided (Managed service for invoice collection).
  • Outstanding Invoices that have exceeded their due date.
  • Outstanding payments for goods and services that were never delivered on.
  • Outstanding payments for fines and extra charges that were not paid